Friday, March 16, 2012

Doing the Splits!

Until I reached the age of 45, I would do the splits.  It was a phenomenon that seemed to fascinate people.  I would be asked to "perform" at odd times.  I remember the day my principal had me do the splits for our superintendent in the hallway outside the office.  (How do you tell your bosses that you'd rather not???)  It was an annual event for us to gather the eighth graders at the end of the year...just for me to do the splits for them. They had been looking forward to it for their whole middle school career.  I think the fascination came from the fact that I am not athletic in the least.  (See my post from yesterday about the name Grace.)   The answer to this mystery is...I am very flexible.

As the school day ended today, I still had no idea about what I should write.  I was tired and still had things to do.  It has been a crazy couple of days.  Yesterday we took our seventh and eighth graders roller skating in the morning, with a stop at a fast food restaurant before returning to attend the last two periods of the day.  My planning time is in the morning.  Today I started my day with my own son's Annual Case Review at the high school, arrived at my school in time for a behavior meeting with one of our eighth graders, had ten minutes to set my room up, covered for another teacher who was at a meeting, and then taught my regular classes.  No prep two days in a row (and technology was down yesterday) equals the necessity to be very flexible.

We tell our students that flexibility is a life skill.  It is something that one must learn to go through the maze of life.  When schedules change, you have to be flexible.  When technology doesn't work, you have to be flexible.  When nothing goes as you had planned, you have to be flexible.  I am a planner and an organizer.  This type of flexibility does not come naturally to me.  It truly is a skill that I have had to develop over the years.  Being a teacher is a great training ground.  Being a mother requires it to be done at mastery level.  My life requires me to become flexible.

So I stayed a bit later after school to get my lesson plans ready for next week.  I am writing my post from home after we finished supper.  Give me a checkmark for moving out of my normal routine.  Give me credit for being flexible.

I wish arthritis didn't prevent me from doing the splits.  I'm feeling very flexible tonight!


  1. This is a great story. I love your statement, "One must learn to go through this maze of life." Some adults could use that life skill. I don't think I could ever do the splits-not completely. I think you deserve extra credit-for moving out of your normal routine and for being flexible :)

  2. I love how you moved from physical flexibility to the need for us to be flexible in our thinking, doing, and planning! This is great. Bummer on the arthritis. I'm in your boat. But I could never on my best of days do the splits :)

  3. Love the flexibility connection between daily life and doing the splits. Was the super Mark? Oh my goodness!

  4. I had no idea you had this skill! If I would have known! :) I love how you connected flexibility to personal and work-life. We do have to be flexible don't we?!? That isn't always easy for me either. :)

    1. Before your days with us!!! You just didn't know how talented I really am! Ha!