Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Action. Mystery. Drama. Humor. Camaraderie. Suspense. Gibbs.

Yes, I am talking about NCIS. It is my favorite show on television. I try not to miss an episode, but since I always purchase the season DVD, I know I will eventually see them all. I have told my sons on many occasions that only for them will I willingly miss my time with the investigative team. What is it that makes this show so popular? I think people are looking for a hero.

Abby blows me away with her quirky dress and attitude. She is a wiz at forensic science, but I love how she cares for the members of the team. Ducky determines the cause of death, and I am fascinated with his psychological analysis of what led to the death. Ziva is one tough lady, yet we see time after time how much she wants to be accepted by the others. Tony is so smooth; he handles each situation with light-heartedness and humor, which often gets him a smack on the head. Timothy has so much to offer with his technological savvy, and yet he struggles with his place on the team. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, though, is the "boss" in my book. Marine tough...by the rules...got your back...take care of his family person.

I don't really need the fictional characters of a tv show as my heroes, though. My family and friends face real-life drama daily.  Accidents, chronic illness, loss of job, loss of a loved one, and single parenthood are just a few examples of the things that they face, not for an hour with a script, but each and every day.  Occasionally, they allow the stress to show, but most of the time, they face each day with positive energy.  They handle the action, mystery, and suspense with love and humor and strength.  They are my true heroes.

(I'm still going to watch NCIS tonight, though!)


  1. I like the description of your beloved show. I am glad you have real life heroes in your life.

  2. I have to agree with you, I also love this show. :) I also love how you relate the fiction of a TV show to the reality of life.

  3. Me too...I love this show (although LA might be just a tad bit more of my favorite). :)