Sunday, March 11, 2012

Laundry Blues and Blessings

Piles consume my floor:
Divided by colors (not a pretty rainbow)
Heaped high (college son is home)
Cat toys (is it the smell?)

Sounds occupy the house:
Water (running and churning)
Clinking (tossing and drying)
Load (after endless load)

Time spent:
Hanging (finding hangars)
Folding (which sock is whose?)
Stacking (building a tower)

I am thankful:
Washer and Dryer (going on 12th year)
Plenty of clothes (clean and odor free)
Family (together even in piles on the floor)


  1. This is great! So much to be thankful for, even during laundry day! :-)

  2. I like your structure of the 3 lists and added info in the parentheses. Laundry - so many stories to be told. Glad your son was home from college.

  3. Awesome post. I totally relate to this post. I constantly wonder how two people can have so much laundry. You are a constant inspiration for writing. I am glad you are taking part in this challenge.

  4. Writing seems to make us slow life down and look for the blessings. You have found the blessings in the small act of laundry. Very nice!

  5. Reminds me of the times I came home from college, laundry in tow. Your post breaking down the various steps of washing clothes is wonderful; finding blessings in these mundane chores is awesome.