Monday, March 26, 2012

The Magic of Words

I love reading.  It is that simple.  I always have at least one book that I am reading, and sometimes there are a couple going at once.  I know I caught the "bug" when I was in sixth grade.  Our class was allowed to volunteer in the school library.  As I shelved books, I discovered so many that I wanted to read.  And there are so many out there that I still want to read!  Although I read a variety of genre, I tend to lean towards the Christian fiction market.  Currently, I am reading a mystery/suspense.

It is the fourth in a series.  I really hate it when I find a series that I like and have to wait for each new one to be published.  That is what I am encountering with this book.  I read the first, second, and third books last summer.  I am spending a lot of time re-reading sections to remind myself of the various characters.  This author likes each chapter (and sometimes sections of chapters) to jump to different locales or characters.  All through the book you wonder how it all fits together, but that is where the suspense the wondering.

I am a word person.  I love how words sound individually and then work together into a flow of meaning.  "Warbling and indistinct, voices swam through the darkness. Taunting. Daunting. Haunting. Fingers reached through the thick fog, clawing at him. Flashes, sparkling - no, it wasn't sparkling, stabbing. Shooting! They were shooting."  I read those lines several times, not to gather meaning, but to enjoy the play of the sounds.

My imagination plays into the story.  I develop a picture of the charaters and setting in my mind.  If the author gives a lot of description, I feel I can sync with his/her mind as the story unfolds.  If the author leaves it to my own creativity, I can arrange my own idea of the scenery and players, too.  It is partly why I always read a book before I see a movie; I want to imprint my own vision of the words in my mind before I allow someone else's interpretation to smudge it.

I have a dream to be an author of books.  I think that idea came to me in sixth grade, too; I still have the short stories that I wrote at the time.  I want to develop ideas that will keep my reader wondering.  I want to weave a story with the words that I carefully choose.  I want my characters and story to develop a picture in the mind of the reader.  It is a dream for my future.  Right now, I have a full time job caring for my sons, which includes a full time job and maintaining a house, lawn, cars, etc.  It is a possibility, though.  You see:  I love writing.  It is that simple.


  1. I think you would make a great author. I would definitely read your book.

  2. All those lovely words that have been flowing into you are bound to come out. What an exciting prospect. I wonder what form it will take. Your passion for reading and writing is evident.