Friday, March 9, 2012

Marine Proud

I received a letter yesterday from my oldest son's best friend.  RJ is in boot camp with the Marines out in California.  His letter made me laugh and made me so proud.  For my slice today, I'd like to share a bit of what he said:

Dear Mama Collins,
     First off, please don't go crazy because of my spelling and grammer.  HaHa.  I know its bad.  The Marine Corps has taught me a lot of things, but proper english isn't one of them!  I appreciate the cards you sent!  They brought a smile to my face.  Its nice to receive mail.  Its like Christmas.  We go through a lot of crap everyday. The one thing we look forward to once a week is mail call.  People sending me letters reminds me about all the support I have back home.  I appreciate the letters, the prayers, and the support.  It feeds my motivation that I need to perform everyday...
     Life is extreme as a recruit!  One thing I look forward to is Mama Collins famous dirt pudding.  My whole platoon has heard about it already!  Its famous in all of Charlie Company!  If you would be so kind as to make a nice big dish of it for me.  It would be much appreciated!

The word is powerful.  It reminds a young man of those who care about him.  It motivates him to do his best.  I need to get another card and letter ready to go in the mail.  I'll be ready with that "nice big dish" of dirt pudding for him when he comes home, too!


  1. I wonder if he knows how powerful his words to you were. Yes, words can cut, sting, heal, and motivate. I hope our students begin to see that through our slices.

  2. That was a very nice letter. It makes me want to try your dirt pudding too!

  3. And your words show me a woman who goes out of her way to empower a young man so far from home. You have a giant heart, Debbi.

  4. Really neat! The casual style of his letter is so cute and shows how close he feels to you. Hope you save it forever! :-)

  5. This just made me smile. : ) I love his sense of you really appreciated that first line. You must make one mean dirt pudding.

  6. What a blessing you are to him. It's wonderful how your words are encouraging him daily.