Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday...da da dadededa...

I have never been a fan of Mondays.  It is one of the things that Garfield and I can agree upon.  Today was a perfect example.

I decided to dress up a bit today.  I felt like I haven't worn a skirt to school since last fall.  When I went out to feed my many cats, Henry decided I wasn't giving him enough attention and decided to try to climb my leg.  Cost of a new pair of hose: $6.

I knew I had to take time to change my hose, so I threw a biscuit in the microwave for a fast breakfast.  The microwave suddenly started making a weird noise.  When I went to investigate, sparks were shooting all around inside.  Cost of a new microwave: $125.

This evening I went outside to throw some leftover chicken to Tom, our dog.  Something caught my eye on the roof.  It looked like something had been placed near the peak.  I kept staring through the twilight and decided I could see the board under where shingles should be.  I contacted a friend whose husband has worked on my roof before.  He came in the dark, climbed up, and fastened the shingles back in place.  For good measure, he added some caulk.  Cost of roof repair: $00.

No, I didn't miss a number.  He charge me nothing.  He said that friends help each other when needed.  No day - not even Monday - can be so bad when you have friends.  Thanks, K!!


  1. Oh Mondays aren't hey are the best. Hope your Tuesday was better!

  2. I've been wanting to read this ever since you mentioned it to me. It is so well crafted...of course that's what I expect when reading your work. So thankful for those friends...