Monday, March 12, 2012

My Family Slice

I was blessed to be born into my family.  We were a unit of six; I am one of four children; I am the only girl.  These are my thoughts of my nuclear family.

Dad - I always thought he was larger than life!  He worked hard to provide for his family.  He encouraged my brothers in sports and had them working outside when things needed done.  He is a farmer at heart, but we left the farm in 1964.  Dad lost his right leg (below knee) in a work-related accident when I was in kindergarten.  Oh the stories I could tell!  Today, my dad is my helper, my adviser, my hero.

Mom - She is the glue of our family.  I know about unconditional love from her.  While we were young, she was at home.  Financial circumstances forced her to seek employment when I was in third grade.  She had wanted to go to school to be a nurse, but instead she made sure all four of her children graduated from college. When I think of Mom, I think of warmth.  She cares so much about her children, their spouses, the grandchildren, and their spouses.  My mom is my confidant, my friend, my hero.

D1 - My oldest brother is three years older than I.  He is a teddy bear of a fellow!  Music is one of his joys in life.  He works as a counselor at a high school; it is where his compassionate heart led him.  His wife is a teacher.  Their son is recently engaged.  Their daughter is still in college.  D1 and K1 raise puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind.  It is their mission in life.  D1 is fighting a battle with two forms of leukemia.  Although he has his own battles to wage, I know that he is just a phone call or text away.

D2 - He is my "twin" born 15 months before me...according to my mom.  Growing up, we fought as normal siblings do.  I remember many times having to sit on chairs facing each other until we were willing to hug and make up.  D2 lives in Arizona now with his wife.  Both his son and his daughter married last year.  I joke that we get along now that he lives on the other side of the continent from me.  In reality, D2 would be my greatest ally and defender, if needed.

D4 - If a brother can be a best friend, that is where D4 falls.  He is three years younger than I am, but I look up to him in many ways.  He works a job that requires many hours of his time, and yet he always finds time for others.  His wife and three kids are right there beside him when it comes time to help.  Last year, D4 and K2 helped get my house ready for graduation.  Their family took over the reception so that I had time to focus on my son.  I turn to D4 when I need clear reasoning, sound advice, a huge hug, or a shoulder to cry on.  (And if he isn't available, his wife is a great substitute!)

I am D3.  Yes, our names all begin with the letter D.  I am loved and protected by my family.  They have brought me through some very rough times.  I never doubt I have a support system in place - any hour of any day for any reason.  Blessed, I am.


  1. You are lucky to have such a supportive family. I liked how you called both your parents your hero.

  2. You are blessed to have so much support from your family. This is a lovely tribute to each one. I hope you are able to share it with them.

  3. I loved reading about your supportive and loving family. It reminded me of my own! It also made me think of the post I did on Monday about my family. :) Thank you for sharing. What would we do without family? On an ironic mom and her siblings all have names that begin with D too!