Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In no special order...just writing as I think...

1.  Sudoku - I was introduced to this puzzle on a trip to Florida with a friend.  It is the only math I like.

2.  Facebook - I joined to find out what was happening with my nieces and nephews in college.  Now I keep up with lots of family and friends.

3.  Pinterest - I am a hoarder by nature; this lets me keep the things I like in cyberspace.

4.  Books - I like books.  I have over a thousand in my classroom for students.  I have several hundred at home that I can't part with.  I have a basket right now of about a dozen books waiting for me!

5.  Slice of Life - I am new to blogging, but this challenge has me sitting and reading blogs for hours.  I don't always comment, but I do enjoy them.

6.  Cats - I have loved cats since I was little.  Now I have two in the house and about twenty outside.

7.  My Boys - LOVE the J's!!

8.  NCIS - My favorite television show, currently.  I own all the episodes and am currently on Season 5 of my yearly review.

9.  The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon.  (Nothing more needs to be said.)

10.  Texting - The absolute best way to keep in contact with teenagers and college kids.  Oh, and now my mom, too!

I know that there are other things that occupy my mind and time, but I think I will stop at 10. (My favorite number!)  What I am wondering is...

Why can't I become obsessed with cleaning my house and grading papers?????????


  1. Love it. Especially #3, 4, 7. It was cute that you called your boys the J's. Sudoku being the only math you like is funny.

  2. Love the list, too. I wonder what your "not obsessed with" list would look like. :)