Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Unknown Me

It seems that most of the people who are commenting on my posts are people that I already know.  So I decided to tell them some things about me that they might not know; the rest of you are welcome to enjoy these secrets of my life!  :)

1.  When I was born, we lived on a dairy farm.  My dad had a cow named Debbie.  In later years when we would be looking at slide shows of the cows, my brothers would always announce (with every slide), "Is that one Debbie?"  (Brothers!!)

2.  I took piano lessons for eight years.  Today, I can play the chopsticks.  (After buying a piano, I discovered that the nerve damage in my left hand would prevent me from ever playing again.)

3.  I was extremely afraid of the dark.  Once in second grade, the lights went off in our classroom.  The teacher felt there was enough light coming through the windows to continue the spelling test.  I was crying and never finished the test.  (I stopped in the middle of the word "breakfast.")

4.  I ran away from home twice.  The first time, I was lost in ten acres of woods.  The whole neighborhood was out searching for me.  The second time, my parents had made it a rule that I was not allowed to leave the property, so I hid behind the barn until someone came looking for me.  (When they finally did, I found out no one had missed me until supper time.) 

5.  The first book I remember reading was Caddie Woodlawn.  It sparked my interest in historical fiction, which ultimately led me to a fascination with history.  (And books of all kinds!)

6.  My elementary gym teacher called me Grace.  She said it was the only way I could have any gracefulness.  I went on to be on our high school drill team; I was the captain my junior and senior years. (A drill team does dance, pom, baton, and flag.)

7.  When I was in eighth grade, my two best friends wrote me a note and gave it to me at lunch.  In it, they told me that they didn't want to be seen with me any more because I was weird.  (Is it a wonder I have a heart for middle school kids??)

8.  I was shot in the face with a starter pistol?  The person didn't know the gun was loaded.  (It was a prop for our drama production.  The gal who fired on me was my daughter in the play!)

9.  At my high school, you will find pictures of my three brothers and me in the Hall of Fame.  We all graduated as either Valedictorian or Salutatorian of our classes.  (I will not add the comments my brothers have made.)

10.  My dad was the president of our school board and presented me with my diploma.  I told him ahead of time not to try to hug or kiss me.  (I regret that statement now.)

11.  I applied to one college, Taylor University.  I told my mom I would not go if I could not live in English Hall in the "cellar."  (My mom added a note to my application, begging them to put me in English Hall Cellar if I was accepted so that I would go away to college!)

12.  I was a flower girl twice, a junior bridesmaid once, a bridesmaid six times, and maid-of-honor twice before I was twenty-five years old.  (I had a rainbow of dresses at one point.)

13.  I have lived in Beaver Dam, Roanoke, Richmond, and Boston...(all in Indiana).

14.  My hair was so long at one point that I could sit on it.  (My mom washed it in the kitchen sink for me.  I would squat beside the ironing board for her to iron it straight for me.)

15.  I still have my very first stuffed animal, Kitty.  I received her for my very first Christmas.  (She is held together with threads.)


  1. I loved peeking into your secret life! I might have to "borrow" this idea for some inspiration. Thanks!

  2. This is a wonderful list. It's a great idea and I think I'll try it too, but I don't think mine will be nearly this sweet.
    Love it.

  3. How fascinating to read "the inside" scoop of your life even though I am just meeting you through your writing here. Some hurt my heart for the younger you like the grace comment and what those eight grade girls wrote to you. Life is like that. Interesting what we carry with us.

    1. I have always laughed at the Grace comment, but I always wondered if her opinion would have changed. Eventually my two friends apologized for their note; I am a forgiving person (normally). We renewed our friendship, although it was never quite the same. Welcome to me!

  4. That was amazing. I loved reading and learning a little more about it. I love comment number 13. It reminds me of wanting to go to Richmond with you. ha ha ha...Thanks for sharing!!!!

    1. I thought about that, too, Terri!

  5. We all have little secrets that we decide to share with someone at some point in our lives. I enjoyed peeking into your life.

  6. I love this writing idea...your dad named one of the cows, Debbie? :) Caddie Woodlawn...I too love that book and love you have any more secrets?

    1. The cow was Debbie before I was. They bought her from someone else. So brothers always said I was named after the cow. (brothers!) Of course there are more secrets...a woman has to have some mystery about her.