Sunday, March 18, 2012

What He Did

My son just finished his college spring break. He didn't get to go any place exciting, but he spent the week at home.

What he did for others: He volunteered at my school, helping with the middle school PE classes. I found out yestserday that he also talked to some of the kids about high school and the classes they should take and going on to college.

What he did for himself: He rested. He spent time with friends, some who were also home on break and some high school seniors. He worked on class work so that he was prepared to go back.

What he did for his brother: He was present. That is enough for The Boy.

What he did for Ridley, his cat: He brought his smell back into the house.

What he did for me: He brought laughter and smiles and tormenting and hugs and conversation and activity and so much more.

He has returned to college.  It was hard to have him leave.  I will miss him.  He brings so much to the home when he is here.


  1. You had a wonderful week. I hope he's gong to be home for the summer too.

  2. Awwww...I loved how his being present was enough for his brother and his smell was good for the cat. :)

  3. Glad you and your boys enjoyed the week! It's always quiet when one or more leave.

  4. Your son sounds like a really good guy! I'm dreading these posts next year when my baby moves 800 miles away…

    1. I know I'm his mom, but he really is a great kid. 800 miles??? Poor you!