Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Time

No one was surprised with school cancellations today. We were hit by the type of snow storm that is expected in northern Indiana. When looking out my back door, I decided we had about eight inches of snow. I suspected that the drifts would have my car pinned in the garage, and I told my son that he would be helping me plow it out. Shockingly, there was no snow against the garage. We quickly took care of a path to the road.

Determined to not let the whole day pass by, I finished laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and gave myself a headache. I finished my taxes.

Numbers are not my area of giftedness. After paying a huge (in my mind) amount last year to a tax preparation company, I decided I was smart enough to do it myself. I had all of the needed paperwork gathered. I plugged the numbers in. I compared it to last year's report. I e-filed the report. Whew. Done. I was relieved.

Then I remembered I have to help J-Man do his taxes when he is home next week for spring break. Oh, well.

It was still a successful snow day.

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