Friday, March 1, 2013

The Passing of Time

Time.  We take it for granted that we have time.  We rush through the moments of each day without much thought about the passing of time.  Suddenly, though, we realize we have missed out on something.  It was three hundred sixty five days ago that I joined the Slice of Life challenge.  I remember enjoying that month of writing about what was on my mind and heart.  I reread all of my entries from a year ago.  Some of them shocked me a bit; it seemed like longer than a year ago that those events happened.  Some of them seemed like a recent occurrence.

Time.  Each of my sons is another year older.  The Boy turned 18 a month ago.  My baby is an "adult."  J-Man will be 20 next month.  He will no longer be a teen.  I vividly remember the days that they were born.  I remember the rough baby and toddler years.  (I miss those days, even though I rarely slept.)  I remember the days of elementary and middle school.  (Those were the days that allowed me to really get to know the people that they were becoming.)  I remember the transition to high school, where they were no longer in my school with me.  (Oh, how those days allowed my boys to learn to be independent from me...very hard to do but so important for them!)  The Boy has matured so much this past year.  The autism is still a distinct part of his life, but he is stretching beyond the confines of the disability.  J-Man has only been home five weeks in the past year of college and co-op work.  He has learned to live independently from family, and he likes it.  

Time.  Family and friends have gone through celebrations:  weddings, new babies, graduations, anniversaries, etc.  Family and friends have struggled through adversities:  deaths, illnesses, torn relationships, financial issues, etc.  Both of these are significant moments in time.  The celebrations are usually planned for months in advance but are over in a flash.  The adversities hit with their shocking suddenness, and though the pain lingers, time and life move on.  

Time.  It is such a valuable commodity.  Cherish each second.


  1. What a great post. You are so right, time moves so quickly. I am often left wondering where time has gone. It doesn't seem like a year ago that I, too participated in the Slice of Life Challenge. I looked through my posts. So much has changed in a year! Looking forward to reading your thoughts. :)

  2. It's always the same question.. Where did it go? My son isin 3rd grade and I ask myself that question so often now. I wonder if the moments are going to pass even more quickly... and then I remember to seize seize seize. Or at least, I try. TIme does not play favorites either.. with the good and the bad.. this too sahll pass. It's bittersweet.

  3. Hey there, Mrs. C! Great post! I miss seeing you every day! It will be fun to follow you on here! :-)

  4. Debbi, You made me cry...Isn't that what a good writer does?